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Title:Photon map GI solution
Description:A walkthrough in the Sponza Atrium scene. Photon mapping used for illuminating the scene. Once the illumination solution was computed rendering time is just some seconds per frame.

Author:Jan Schmitz

Author:Dmitriy Osminskiy
Description:A v6 test image from Dmitriy Osminskiy. Global Illumination and Depth-of-Field.

Title:Oscarine in HDRI
Author:Boris Jahn
Description:This image was rendered with an HDRI lighting environment in global illumination. Timo Mikkolainen has made a tutorial how to make hdri maps in Realsoft 3D. One spotlight from behind was used to strenghten the sssish effect.

Author:Jason Saunders
Description:Soft illumination by Pixel Perfect

Author:Realsoft Graphics
Description:This is a test scene for comparing global illumination renderers at Render times in a dual 1.4 Ghz Athlon were: Ray tracing only with a point light source: less than one second. Ray tracing with an area light source: 32 seconds. Ray tracing with global illumination and caustics: 3 minutes 28 seconds.

Author:Jason Saunders
Description:A nice example of indirect illumination.

Author:Realsoft Graphics
Description:Adding a GI shader illuminates the room. Some additional post effects (depth of field, light glow) were also included in the post processing stage of the rendering pipeline. All materials are created procedurally using VSL.

Title:Pete in the Dark
Author:Realsoft Graphics
Description:A Global Illumination test. The image was rendered without a GI shader. The room is dark although sun is shining through the open door.

Title:Room with GI
Author:Realsoft Graphics

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