Realsoft 3D / Caustics


Title:Another ring
Author:Realsoft Graphics
Description:A golden ring with enhanced caustics. There is a small clip of the same ring in the animation gallery.

Author:Henri Pulla
Description:Mapped shadows and caustics.

Title:Bears Study Optics
Author:Realsoft Graphics
Description:The prism casts spectrum on a displacement mapped bear.

Author:Realsoft Graphics
Description:A simple caustics experiment.

Author:Realsoft Graphics
Description:This simple test scene consists of three light point sources, a ring and a table. The table is not reflective. The strongest caustics effects can be seen inside the ring. This image would look much less interesting if caustics were disabled.

Author:Realsoft Graphics

Author:Realsoft Graphics

Author:Realsoft Graphics
Description:A simple caustics test scene consisting of a point light source and a glass prism. The VSL shaders of the applied glass material define the refraction factor as a function of wave length of light, exactly according to the laws of physics. As a result, the spectrum of light is revealed.

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