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Title:Plant ?
Author:Timo Mikkolainen
Description:Subsurface scattering shader experiment

Author:Lars Erlandsson

Title:Trek Time Trial
Author:Andreas Kreisig
Description:My first project, done with Realsoft 3D.

Author:Robert den Broeder
Description:Done using Realsoft3D V4.5, SP1 I used nurbs to create the brown vase, the small cup containing 3 eggs and the plate. The eggs are SDS spheres, which I extended a bit. The texturing is done using image maps, bump maps and procedural noise. I used some contrasting textures: the vase and the plate are rough ceramics and the small cup is Delft Blue :-) The cloth on the table is a nurbs mesh that has been point edited. Then I used a bumpmap pattern to create the texture. The apple is an SDS object, textured with a texture map and a bump map and very little displacement mapping. The blue vase is an SDS object which has 2 layers: one blue object and a glass object to create the specular highlights. For lighting I used one spotlight with a slightly yellow color to give that early morning breakfast light on the scene :-) I added Depth of field and Global illumination effects to enhance the sense of realism.



Title:Cube 2
Author:Tim Borgmann

Title:Cube 1
Author:Tim Borgmann

Title:Car Closeup
Author:Tim Borgmann

Author:Tim Borgmann

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