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Realsoft was founded in 1989 to develop and market a product called Real 3D. Real 3D - nowadays known as Realsoft 3D - is a graphics software tool for production of high quality photorealistic graphics and animation.

The company focuses on software development on the main product line. So far Realsoft has released ten major product revisions and sold over 10 000 software licenses worldwide (excluding updates). OEM licenses sold to other software vendors have also generated substantial revenues. The main market areas include USA, Japan, Germany, other European countries, Canada, Australia and Russia.

The Internet has become the most important distribution channel for Realsoft's products. In addition, about a dozen active dealers around the world sell Realsoft 3D. Most dealers are companies specializing in computer graphics, and many of them do their own production work.


Realsoft is a skillful and highly efficient company. The 15 years of operating in 3D software business and several successful product releases have given the company strong experience and an exceptionally clear vision of how to create a competitive 3D software package.

Realsoft's product development has always been innovative. The company has been a pioneer in the development of several major features available today in 3D products. Some examples: Realsoft was the first to introduce ray tracing with quadrics and spline surfaces, B-spline modeling and advanced physics simulation based animations on desktop platforms. The whole software technology behind Realsoft 3D is developed by Realsoft itself.

Realsoft uses the latest software technology to maximize development efficiency. Thanks to the platform independent design, new development can be utilized immediately on all supported platforms - no porting work at all is required. Object oriented programming model allows changes in the product layout or assembling a totally new product from the base modules quickly.

The operational model of Realsoft is also modern and flexible: the programmers work together as a team using the Internet to communicate and to share ideas efficiently. Advanced concepts have been built for development coordination and product testing via the Internet. Realsoft can work with individuals and teams anywhere in the world.

The Product

Open design combined with a rich set of features has been the main strength of Realsoft 3D. Feature wise, Realsoft 3D challenges the most famous competitors and offers a better price/performance ratio. In some areas (e.g. SDS modelling, ray tracing), the product is the best on the market. Another major advantage is that the intelligent, context sensitive user interface is suitable for both novice users and skilled professionals. The program grows with and adapts to the skill level of the user.

The program is used in different applications, for example by artists working in the advertising industry, architects, product designers, educational institutions, game industry and hobby users. As a versatile yet affordable product ($700), Realsoft 3D has quite a large group of potential users. Realsoft 3D is a powerful tool for making best quality photorealistic images, and there is a huge number of people who need images every day.

The brand name of Realsoft is known within the computer graphics community for quality and innovations.


Realsoft OEM licenses its software technology to other software vendors. The flagship technologies, such as the powerful Subdivision Surface based freeform modelling toolkit and the photorealistic rendering engine, can be incorporated into other software products. Licensing arrangements can include development work performed by the experienced programmer team of Realsoft. OEM customers can also develop software themselves using the open SDK of Realsoft 3D and the technical support from Realsoft. Thanks to the modular software design, the functionality and the price of the licensed technology can be tailored for each customer's needs.

Realsoft has the commitment and know-how to continue pushing the cutting edge of 3D visualization. The company is known as a reliable partner prepared to meet the challenges defined by the OEM customers.

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